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Talk Recording: Why and How to Make Cannabis Extracts "Water-Soluble"

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Iva Gyurgina

Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky presenting at Marijuana For Medical Professionals Conference, 2018Last October, Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky, President & Chief Scientific Officer of Industrial Sonomechanics, presented a talk entitled Why and How to Make Cannabis Extracts "Water-Soluble" at Marijuana for Medical Professionals conference in Denver, ColoradoA variety of topics were covered, including the development, manufacture and administration methods of translucent cannabis extract nanoemulsions, also known as water-soluble CBD and THC.

If you are interested in cannabis formulations that can be infused into beverages, edibles and topicals, allowing these products to retain their original appearance (e.g., optical clarity) while providing enhanced bioavailability and shortened onset of action, please see the below recording of Alexey's presentation!



Industrial Sonomechanics is a research & development, equipment design, and process consulting firm, specializing in high-intensity ultrasound for the cannabis, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetics industries. Our laboratory, bench and industrial ultrasonic processors in conjunction with All-In-One NanoStabilizer™ enable our customers to produce a variety nano-formulations on any scale.

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Iva Gyurgina

Written by Iva Gyurgina

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