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ISM Begins to Post Informative Weekly Q&A Videos on YouTube

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 16, 2021 11:45:00 AM / by ISM Team

Q&A video series blog thumbnailIndustrial Sonomechanics (ISM) is excited to announce the release of the first group of videos from its new "Q&A video series". In these videos, various members of our scientific, engineering, marketing and business development staff address the most common questions we receive and discuss ISM's solutions for a variety of industrial applications that can benefit from our scalable high-amplitude ultrasonic technology and formulations. We will continue posting these videos on our company's YouTube channel and website every week, so please check back often. 

"ISM has been offering ultrasonic liquid processors for multiple applications since 2006", says Jeffrey Meyer, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ISM. "We also develop turn-key solutions to complex liquid processing applications, such as the production of bioactive nanoemulsions used to infuse beverage and food products. With this video series, we aim to answer some of the questions that our customers ask daily and provide insight to our technology while also showcasing our employees and their expertise."  

Several examples of the recently-released videos are provided below. 

Technology overview and process examples:

Transferring high-amplitude ultrasonic processes from the lab to the production environment was a major challenge prior to the introduction of ISM's Barbell Horn Ultrasonic Technology. In this video, Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky, President and Chief Scientific Officer of ISM, explains how this problem has been overcome, making is easy to directly scale up any process that involves high-amplitude ultrasonic treatment.    


A very common question we have been receiving recently is how to produce cannabis extract nanoemulsions in water-soluble powder form. In this video, Dr. Peshkovsky explains how to make water-soluble powders from cannabis extracts with our ultrasonic technology and All-in-One NanoStabilizer®-LSO formulation:


Many questions have been asked about another common application of ISM's ultrasonic technology: the degassing of liquids (removing dissolved gasses and/or entrained bubbles from coatings, adhesives, candle waxes, oils, inks, paints, shampoos, liquid soaps, beverages, etc.). In this video, Dr. Peshkovsky provides details on the process of ultrasonic degassing and describes its many advantages:


Ultrasonic processing tips:

For those interested in products infused with translucent liquid nanoemulsions, including ones containing cannabis extracts, ISM's R&D Scientist, Shlomo Leibtag, explains how to ensure a long shelf life of nanoemulsions produced with our ultrasonic technology and All-in-One NanoStabilizer®-LT formulation: 


Ultrasonic processors and add-ons:

In one of the latest Q&A videos, Pavel Peshkovsky, Engineering Intern at ISM, demonstrates how easy it is to switch from the flow-through to the batch-mode configuration of our BSP-1200 (bench-scale) ultrasonic liquid processor. This processor is used by many of our clients in the food & beveragecannabis and pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industries for the production of nanoemulsions, nanocrystals and liposomes, as well as for cell disruption & extraction, liquid degassing, nanoparticle dispersing & deagglomeration, sonochemistry, and many other applications. 


Product and services recommendations:

If you are interested in an ISM ultrasonic processor but are not sure which one is right for your application and scale of operation, see this video where ISM's Director of Marketing, Iva Gyurgina, provides an overview of our processors and discusses their configuration options and productivity rates


For further information, you can download our Ultrasonic Processors Comparison Chart.

ISM can also help those who would like to create food and beverage products infused with cannabis extracts, essential oils or nutraceuticals but do not wish to get involved with the production of nanoemulsions themselves. In this video, Jeffrey Meyer, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ISM, provides an overview of the different ways ISM enables its customers to manufacture finished products infused with cannabis extracts.


“We are so excited about this opportunity to show what our technology is able to do and look forward to building our video library over the coming months!” says Jeffrey Meyer.

This is expected to be an ongoing project with the aim of having more videos in this series posted weekly. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date. 

Interested in this type of information?

If you would like to see more of these videos, please send us your questions or post them in the comments section below. Please share our videos and this post with your colleagues or anyone who could benefit from this information!

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