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Cannabis Research Publication in the Journal of Drug Delivery Science & Technology

Live Webinar: Analysis, Optimization & Production of Translucent Nanoemulsions

Webinar Recording and Q&As: Commercial Production of Water-Soluble THC & CBD

Live Webinar: Commercial Production of Water-Soluble THC & CBD by High-Intensity Ultrasound

Vaccine and Antiviral Drug Production with ISM Ultrasonic Processors

2020 White Label Expo Highlights: Water-Soluble CBD on the Rise

6 Frequently Asked Questions About All-In-One NanoStabilizer®

ISM will Present at the 2020 White Label USA Expo in Las Vegas, NV

Presentation Recording, 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo, San Francisco, CA

How to Formulate Cannabis Extract Nanoemulsions with a Long Shelf Life

ISM will Present at the 2019 CannaCon Expo in Springfield, MA

ISM will Present at the 2019 USA CBD Expo in Miami, Florida

ISM will Present at the Cannabis Drinks Expo, San Francisco, July 2019

Industrial Sonomechanics is Moving to Miami, Florida!

Talk Recording: Why and How to Make Cannabis Extracts "Water-Soluble"

ISM Will Be Exhibiting at MJBizConNEXT in New Orleans

Why Sterile-Filter Water-Compatible Cannabis Extract Nanoemulsions?

ISM to Present at Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference

Managing the Bitter Taste of Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Webcast Recording and Q&As: Cannabis Oil Nano-Emulsification & Extraction

Live Webcast on Cannabis Oil Nano-Emulsification and Extraction

ISM Will Be Exhibiting at the NYC Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo

All-In-One NanoStabilizer® Simplifies Making Water-Soluble CBD and THC

Chapter Published in a New Book on Ultrasonic Food Processing

ISM Will Be Exhibiting at the World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

Ultrasonic Nano-Crystallization of Salsalate for Improved Bioavailability

Ways to Consume Cannabis: How Water-Compatible Nanoemulsions Can Help

2017 MJBiz Conference & Expo Highlights: Infused Products on the Rise

ISM Will Be Exhibiting at 2017 Marijuana Business Conference & Expo

The Role of Carrier Oils in Water-Soluble CBD and THC Formulations

Assembling Your BSP-1200 Bench-Scale Ultrasonic Processor

Water-Soluble Cannabis Oils: Microemulsion, Liposomes or Nanoemulsion?

Improving Candle Production by Nano-Emulsifying Water into Wax

Cannabis Concentrates: Medical Significance and Extraction Methods

Ultrasonic Dispersing and Wet-milling of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Industrial Sonomechanics!

Can CBD or THC be Made Water-Soluble?

Ultrasonics 2016 International Conference Presentation Report

Are Cannabinoids More Effective in Nano Form?

ISM will be presenting at Ultrasonics-2016 conference in Portugal

ISM is moving to a new location!

Disassembling Your ISP-3000 Industrial-Scale Ultrasonic Processor

Ultrasonic Pasteurization of Milk and Water-Based Beverages

Acoustic Cavitation: Visual Examples of Chemical & Physical Processes

Assembling Your ISP-3000 Industrial-Scale Ultrasonic Processor

Removing Air From Oils, Epoxies, Hydraulic Fluids, Adhesives, Waxes and Other Liquids

Step-by-Step Guide to Disassembling Your LSP-500 Ultrasonic Processor

Step-by-Step Guide to Assembling Your LSP-500 Ultrasonic Processor

Pacifichem 2015 International Congress Presentation Report

Acoustic Cavitation: The Driving Force Behind Ultrasonic Processing

6 Frequently Used Terms in Ultrasonic Processing of Liquids

4 Main Components of an Ultrasonic Liquid Processor

Methods For Reducing Noise Caused By Ultrasonic Processors

How Loud is Your Ultrasonic Processor?

Ultrasonic Production of Pharmaceutical Emulsions

Advantages of Ultrasound for Producing Emulsion Fuels

Scaling Up the Production of Stable Emulsion-Based Products

Achieving Stability of Oil-in-Water and Water-in-Oil Emulsion Products

ISM's Ultrasonic Technology Development Achievements During 2014